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Generally people think gluten-free flour tortillas will not be good in taste. Most of them worry about their taste. The reason why they worry about trying gluten-free chapatti is the use of substitutes for cassava flour. Since many people are not used to eating items made of gluten-free flour, they hesitate to switch to it. But the reality is different. It is not exactly what people think. The preparation and cooking of gluten-free flour tortillas are almost the same as that of regular flour. You can easily roll them in wraps or use the way like you use regular flour tortillas.


What is different in Gluten-free flour tortillas?

Baking gluten free flour recipes were not very common a few years back. Nowadays, gluten-free flour tortillas have become very common. Moreover, the substitute of whole wheat flour are available in packages at all the markets. Undoubdtedly, the taste of gluten-free flour recipes does not match the taste of regular flour recipes. However, those who avoid gluten in their diet are happy to switch to gluten-free flour chapatti or gluten-free flour recipes.
Using the best gluten-free flour, you can enjoy all the recipes. You can shape gluten-free flour tortillas in every size either small or large. You can shape its dough using a rolling pin or dough presser in every shape and size you like.

What makes handling the dough of gluten-free flour tortillas easier?

Shapping clear round edges of uses of cassava flour dough or gluten-free flour dough is easy using a cake cutter. This cake cutter is made of steel and looks like a large cookie cutter. You can handle the dough even without using the cake cutter. However, if you want smooth round edges or a smoothly rolled-out dough, you can prefer its use. A 6-inch or 10-inch round cutter gives you an ideal sized tortilla dough. If you do not have a cake cutter at home, you can simply use a large lid of any pot available at home. Using a large lid you can easily cut the edges round and remove the scraped dough of a gluten-free chapatti.
If you want more smooth surfaced gluten-free flour tortillas, you can use a tortilla press. You can easily replace using a rolling pin with tortilla press. Moreover, sticking of dough with rolling pin or a tortilla press is a common issue. You can easily avoid this issue while working on cassava flour tortilla recipe. You just need to cut a plastic bag into two peices. Place the tortilla dough between both the plastic pieces and roll it using a rolling pin or press it with a tortilla presser. It will save the dough from sticking with the rolling pin or the surface.
You can roll the dough thinner using a rolling pin. Tortilla presser cannot roll it thin enough. Besies it, you can roll it to your desired size with the help of rolling pin Tortilla presser will only press it to the size of this tool either 7 inches or 10 inches.

Health Benefits of Cassava Flour

Tips for making a perfect dough using gluten-free flour

Many people complain that gluten-free flour tortillas are not usually hard. However, using a refined and high quality gluten-free flour and a reliable brand can help you make soft and flexible gluten-free flour tortillas. Rice flour is one of the best wheat flour alternative. Additionally, having tapioca starch as a major component makes up the best gluten Baking free flour. A fine quality gluten-free flour makes soft and succulent gluten-free chapatti.

Avoid crumbly tortillas

Many people complain that gluten-free flour tortillas are crumbly and hard to keep the flour together. Anyways, that’s not so. Crumbly dough or tortillas are caused by the driest mixture you have prepared for the dough. If the dough does not contain a sufficient amount moisture, it will withered away while making tortillas. It should contain enough water that helps the particles of flour to stick together. This ample amount of water will help the dough to remain stable when it will be used with tapioca starch when rolling it.
After preparing your dough, make sure to keep it wrapped for at least 20 minutes. After leaving it for a while, you can use it easily. Roll the tortilla dough using tapioca starch until it get smoother and fine.

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