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8 Things You Need to Know About Cassava Flour

Thanks to its versatility and incredible likeness to wheat, cassava flour has become the grain-free flour of choice for households across the world. Now, we finally have a perfect wheat-flour alternative that is 100% natural, nutrient rich and free of the 9 major allergens. Unsurprisingly, it is fast-becoming the best wheat-flour alternative.

Thinking of using cassava flour for your grain-free bakes? From the amazing health benefits to the remarkable wheat-like texture, here are a few things you should know about cassava flour!

  1. Cassava flour is gluten free, nut-free and grain-free
    Cassava flour is an excellent choice for people with allergens. Whilst almond and coconut flour have been deemed great wheat alternatives, they are not suitable for those with nut-tree allergies. In comparison, cassava flour is free of the 9 major allergens, making it a suitable alternative for everyone.
  2. It is the best alternative to wheat flour
    Gluten-free bakers rejoice, finally we have a grain-free flour that has the same taste and texture as wheat flour! No more blending several flours to achieve the same consistency as wheat flour and no more grainy and gritty textures. Amazingly, cassava flour can be used in the same way as wheat flour, on a 1:1 replacement for most recipes (not all). It is flexible to handle and has a mild flavor, making it the perfect flour for baking bread, biscuits, cakes, brownies and more. You can enjoy your favorite recipes without the wheat.
  3. It is low in fat and sugar
    Due to its low fat, sodium and sugar content, cassava flour is an excellent choice for people with health conditions and those looking for a healthier lifestyle. When used in a balanced diet, the flour can help you to maintain blood sugar, provide energy and keep to a healthy weight.
    production of cassava flour is a nutritionally rich starch that contains high levels of vitamin c, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. In comparison to other gluten free flours, cassava flour is low in fat and sugar and has a much higher water content. Cassava naturally contains minimal fat, with less than 1 gram per cup. Despite being low in protein, cassava flour has an abundance of carbohydrates – making it a great source of energy. It is the go-to grain-free wheat flour alternative for individuals committed to a healthy lifestyle.
  4. It is high in resistant starch
    One of the best things about Cassava flour is that it has so many health benefits – including being great for gut health.
    Amazingly, cassava flour is a great source of resistant starch (which is recommended for good gut health). Comparable to soluble fiber, resistant starch feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut and promotes digestive health. It can also help you to lower any gut inflammation. Due to its high digestibility, cassava flour is great for individuals with digestive disorders and sensitivities who struggle with wheat-flour which is hard-to-digest.
  5. It can be used as a thickener
    Due to its texture and high-fiber content, cassava flour can be used as a thickener in recipes. It works wonders in soups and gravies!
  6. It is used to make pasta
    fermented cassava flour is perfect for making gluten-free and nut-free pasta dough. Use just like regular all-purpose flour (with some minor recipe alterations) for pasta with no chewy textures nor strange tastes. Its starchy nature allows it to bind to other ingredients, creating a nearly identical dough to wheat!
  7. It helps to control appetite
    Since cassava flour is rich in dietary fiber and full of satiety, it makes for an excellent addition to a weight loss regimen. It is also a great source of complex and fast digested carbohydrates, which can help with appetite suppression. The high fiber content helps you to stay fuller for longer and prevents unnecessary snacking – making it ideal for those who wish to lose weight.
  8. Cassava flour is different from tapioca flour
    Although the terms are often used interchangeably, cassava flour is not the same as tapioca flour. Whilst tapioca flour is extracted from the root through washing and pulping, cassava flour is the whole root peeled, dried and ground.
    Tapioca flour is made up of only the starchy part of the cassava plant and does not contain anywhere near the same amount of fibers and nutrients as Hope and Harvest Farms


Now you know more about cassava flour! If you are thinking of switching up your grain-free baking with a 100% natural, nutrient rich and allergen free alternative, shop Hope & Harvest here. The perfect wheat flour substitute that is packed with health benefits and promises a great bake, every time!

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